Syncretism is the basis of all things new.
We did this together.

my god
has  horns  too

(charcoal on paper, 18”x 24”, original)
SOLD ( in private collection)


Horns are provocative...
To some they suggest virility, to others, the
These mixed impressions were the
norm in past eras
when humans and nature
were more intertwined.

Long ago, we saw ourselves as part of nature.
We associated ourselves with symbols that
thrived within it.
Ancient Israelites placed
horns at their altars to challenge rival Semetic
deities such as Baal or El
. Greeks associated
with the bull as a powerful progenitor.
The Fon of Benin (W. Africa) personified
Xevioso with the horns of a ram.

Since the separation of humanity from
nature, we have come to view the bestial as
separate from self.