Syncretism is the basis of all things new.
We did this together.

dahomey in the cafe

(charcoal on paper, 30” x 30” original, in David C. Driskell Center permanent collection)
Best in Show. Touchstone Gallery DC , “Us : What Divides us and What Unites us” (Best in Show)

Juror’s Prize. Martha’s Vineyard Drawing Prize 2020

First Place, “Black & White”, Cape Cod Cultural Center, May 2021



I chose the dahomey Amazon as the subject for this piece because it embodies the archetype of a confident woman. As part of elite military regiment, these amazons lived outside the confines of a male society and claimed status and privelege in a society where, otherwise, they would have had none.

Resilient in its shape and form, the triangular composition of this drawing gives it the "fortitude" to stand on its own in a sea of negative space. And thus it justifies its existence, not by seeking to overwhelm the space but simply to blend with it, syncretically.